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````````There is NO doubt, the Republicans in control of the Legislature, and all of state government in Arizona have funded Corporate Tax Dodges, Tax Cuts and special Corporation legislative favors on the backs of school children and with extreme reductions in funding for Public Education. The children of Arizona are expected to do with less educational opportunities so the elected GOP officals can pay back their wealthy campaign donors. ```````````````````````

Andrei Cherny, Arizona Democratic Party Chairman “Arizona Republicans hold all the power, and they’ve used it for all the wrong things. The result is that jobs are nowhere to be found, schools are forgotten, and our communities are silenced. We won’t stand for it, and we will hold them accountable in 2012 so Arizona can get back on the right track.”

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The REAL TEA PARTY: Not a revolt against taxation

The REAL TEA PARTY:  Not a revolt against taxation  

THE REAL BOSTON TEA PARTY was, in part, a revolt against the British Crown’s huge corporate tax cuts for the powerful British East India Company, (the Wal-Mart of its time) allowing them to dump cheap tea on America which would wipe out New England based tea wholesalers, mom-and-pop shops and take over the tea business in America. There’s more to it, for the fascinating details, check it out in any decent history book or online source! Confound your modern Tea Party friends and relatives!  

From the DOV Sept, 2012, newsletter


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