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````````There is NO doubt, the Republicans in control of the Legislature, and all of state government in Arizona have funded Corporate Tax Dodges, Tax Cuts and special Corporation legislative favors on the backs of school children and with extreme reductions in funding for Public Education. The children of Arizona are expected to do with less educational opportunities so the elected GOP officals can pay back their wealthy campaign donors. ```````````````````````

Andrei Cherny, Arizona Democratic Party Chairman “Arizona Republicans hold all the power, and they’ve used it for all the wrong things. The result is that jobs are nowhere to be found, schools are forgotten, and our communities are silenced. We won’t stand for it, and we will hold them accountable in 2012 so Arizona can get back on the right track.”

Monday, August 29, 2011

Dump the fear tactics, build on solutions

Social Security has operated for 75 years, it wasn't until the Congress bailed out corporate responsibility and insurance companies from workers disability, added unfunded drug benefits in medicare that the Social Security program started to collapse.  The solution is to separate the retirement system of Social Security from the disability and medicare welfare functions and create
a newly funded program.

The smears and hits on Social Security may provide for election time talk and get candidates political attention, but provoke nothing but fear in both our seniors and our young folks looking at their futures.


Are Lies, Scare Tactics used by the GOP {Repugnant Party} to put fear in our citizens a form of terrorism designed to panic and mold public opinion to accept right-wing ideology?

There is a concentrated attack on young people, putting jobs, the economy, declining earnings, stagnation of wages, threats of Social Security and Medicare bankruptcy at the same time cutting educational opportunities that leads to upward mobility for a whole generation, being used to put economic insecurity and fear as political weapons.

WHY?   Plain and simple, payback and voter suppression.
Get the young voters turned off and scared for their future and drive their votes away from President Obama in the next election.  There is no doubt that the massive 18 to 34 year old vote for Obama contributed to his election victory, destroy that vote and destroy his second term.

Unemployment for this age group this year has skyrocketed and most have never qualified for unemployment benefits.  (Unemployment is estimated at 25.4 percent for 19-to-23-year-old), Underemployment and lack of benefits on available low wage jobs contribute to insecurity and depressed attitudes on the direction the country is taking.  An important measure of electorial decision making.  "are you better off today, is the country on the right track?"

Educational opportunities are diminished and faced with the raising cost of education has created poor choices NOT MORE CHOICE as Republican legislators across the country are promising parents.  {Republicans are not ProChoice anything.) Proposed cuts in educational grants, higher interest rate student loans in the name of balanced budgets is as phony as the weapons of mass destruction  hidden away in Iraq.

It may be easy to point out public failures, but what about solutions.  Each and every day it seems a new or "reborn" Republican candidate for President pops up.  Each new flavor or favorite rips into President Obama without a solution except to "make Obama a one term President".  They have no new proposals and most don't even offer a clue to how to start our economy moving again. 

Wouldn't it be refreshing if just one of them would come up with a work incentive program?   Something directed to getting 19 to 26 year old jobs, training and even temporary paychecks while the adults in charge of this country start building and rebuilding rather than taking pickaxes at our crumbling economy as a result of too many unfunded, off budget ventures, wars and tax cuts for the few most rich.

Since states are not able or find themselves having fiscal problems the federal government, yes government, yes the one in Washington, D.C. needs to step in and sell savings bonds to provide the funds for Public Works Projects.  The name is already in the annuals of American history, PWA, Public Works Aministration, FDR, New Deal, 1933.  We started paying for our involvement in World War II with "War Savings Bonds" another successful government program.  Instead of calling on China or anyone else in the world to buy our bonds lets have Americans start their own savings plans.
   [My opinion not necessarily agreed upon by DOV...Harvey Akeson]

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Your money is safe and in good hands.

PAUL BARBY is Treasurer of the Legislative District 26 precinct organization.  Today we received a short note from Paul that hit on several tender spots.  The Arizona Legislature is not the only one with a solid extremist right-wing agenda.  Check out this Texas Legislature agenda.

Down in Rick Perry's Red Texas, there are still a few Democrats willing to throw a punch and not take any crap from right wing Republicans.  Exhibit A: State Senator Rodney Ellis of Houston.  First you can take advantage of membership in our club, we need you!

Democrats of Oro Valley (DOV)   We support enthusiastic participation in the democratic process and encourage our fellow citizens to join us in preserving our unique and historic Arizona environment.  Democrats of Oro Valley club is ONLY $15 a year.  
Join and advance the progressive leadership for Oro Valley and Northwest Pima County,  print the membership form and mail to:       The Democrats of Oro Valley, PO Box 68186, Oro Valley, AZ 85737

When you mail your membership check send an e-mail to Paul so he can add your name to our membership immediately.  "Paul Barby" pmbarby@earthlink.net    You will be placed on our club
mailing list to receive group announcements, meeting reminders, and the DOV monthly newsletter.

Back to the note from Paul with regards to State Senator Rodney Ellis of Houston, Texas

The right wing corporate front group, Empower Texans, recently released its 2011 legislative scorecard, with the usual grades for anyone not on the side of Voldermort and the usual Republican campaign donors.   Senator Ellis apparently received an F from this uber-conservative group and decided to share his feelings on the matter.    (Here is his letter.)

August 24, 2011
Michael Quinn Sullivan
Empower Texans
PO Box 200248
Austin, TX 78720

Dear Mr. Sullivan:
Thank you for your letter regarding Empower Texans 2011 legislative scorecard. Upon reading it, my first thought was of George Bernard Shaw, who responded to one of his critics thusly: "I am sitting in the smallest room of my house. Your critique is in front of me. Shortly it will be behind me."

Then I realized this thought was perhaps too harsh and too confrontational for, in fact, I am proud to have earned an "F" from Empower Texans for my work in the 82nd legislature. I know I am doing things right in Austin, and would seriously question both my judgment and values were I to receive any higher grade.

I am proud to have opposed Voter ID, which does nothing to protect the sanctity of the ballot and is designed only to limit the participation of the disenfranchised.  (Road Block to voting!)

I am proud to have fought against those who held the Rainy Day Fund hostage and to use an additional $3 billion to alleviate devastating cuts to vital programs.  (Devastating cuts, sound familiar?)

I am proud to have voted for other bills that would have reduced the impact of those cuts, and to get rid of tax loopholes that provide billions in tax breaks to huge oil companies even as we cut funding for our children's schools and health care.  (Tax loopholes,  tax breaks,  cuts to schools and health care.  Hitting home?)

I am proud to have voted against hypocritical "look at me" votes calling on Congress to balance the federal budget while we failed to actually balance our own, and against the interests of the predatory payday loan industry. (Arizona voters took care of payday lenders.)

I will wear my "F" grade from Empower Texans as a badge of honor and look forward to further disappointing you in the future.  (Hey, Norquist, how about that pledge?)

To paraphrase the greatest President of the 20th Century, Franklin Delano Roosevelt: I welcome your hatred. After all, I'd much rather be a champion of the powerless than a lickspittle of the powerful.

Rodney Ellis

We need more legislators like this fighting Texan.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The 2012 election is a neighborhood thing!

Our right to vote is one of our most fundamental and valuable rights as American citizens, but Republicans have outrageously passed restrictive voter identification laws aimed squarely at disenfranchising eligible voters.  Alarms are sounding across the country, but it is not just enough to warn people about this insidious plot to place road blocks in the way of voters we must retaliate.  Fighting to insure the right to vote for every eligible citizen.
For this next election let's put every effort we can into registering voters.  Every new 18 year old, everyone who may have moved and needs to re-register. Most of all let's put in every extra effort to find those people who have never registered or never voted.  It is time to build our ranks and leave no voter behind, the first order of citizenship is to register to vote.
A disproportionate number of low-income and minorities — registered to vote are under threat because they don't have government-issued photo IDs. This trap of government issued IDs must not stand.  This stumbling block also must be breached by making certain our voters are not only registered but prepared to cast their ballots.
Protect the American right to fair elections, volunteer to be a get out the vote warden in your neighborhood.  Check each an every person in your neighborhood that has the right to vote is registered, and knows when, where and what they need on election day at their polling place to cast that all important ballot.
Voter suppression is one of the most serious threats facing our election battle.   Do not let it stand, fight back!  
Republicans in at least 22 states are rushing to pass voter identification bills in a coordinated effort to disenfranchise eligible voters. These outrageous bills have already been passed in Alabama, Kansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin, and several more state legislatures are currently considering them.

Why is there such a widespread push by Republicans to pass laws that don't serve any purpose other than making it much harder for poor people and people of color to vote?

The answer couldn't be clearer: Republicans believe that erecting obstacles to voting will stop minorities and low income people from exercising their right to cast a ballot. Several of these laws passed in the name of preventing voter fraud are in truth just an effort to cut down all opposition voters.

After all, a federal law already exists making voter fraud punishable by $10,000 in fines and up to five years in prison. And despite the Republican hysteria about supposed scourge of "voter fraud," there's absolutely zero evidence that it is a widespread or frequent phenomenon.

The real answer to these blatant attempts at voter suppression is taking to the streets, door to door defending the right to vote.  

Don't Let the Extremist Kill the American Dream

Republicans are killing the American Dream

It’s up to us to stop them.

Watch this one minute TV Ad.  Click here

The 2012 Obama Re-election campaign needs volunteers.  click here get involved

Thursday, August 25, 2011

There is work to be done! Precinct by Precinct

"Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us.  The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country."  Franklin D Roosevelt

Free 2012 Obama Bumper Sticker..click here

A PRECINCT COMMITTEE PERSON (PC) is the lead party worker for the smallest unit of government--it's a neighborhood thing--the grassroots contact representing the Democratic Party to the voters in a specific precinct:  where elections are won or lost.  Neighborhood captains assist the PC.  It is their job to make sure the voters in their assigned precincts are registered, informed and prepared to get their vote to the ballot box.
Things you can do as a PC:

>> Make the party and the candidates visible by providing: signs, bumper stickers, buttons. Encourage letters to the editors supporting Democratic programs and ballots issues.

>> Introduce yourself to registered Democrats and Independents as you collect signatures for candidates or for ballot issues before the election.  Find out the voters interests and issues
and relate them to the Party and to elected officials.

>> Register Democrats, both recent arrivals and as they become 18-year-olds in your

>> Persuade more voters to vote Democratic: 
We are the MAINSTREAM Party that represents Middle Class interests. Frame our Democratic
Moral Values that have promoted public education, workers’ rights and preservation of our environment.  Distribute flyers and signs, invite people to DOV meetings. Give rides to the polls, but, better yet, encourage and help voters get on the Permanent Mail-in Ballots list. A much larger percentage of Democrats who are on this list actually cast their vote in any one election.


>> How Do I Become A Precinct Committee Person?
>> Usually Committee Persons are elected.  But when there is a need to fill vacancies,
they may be appointed. To ask questions or volunteer contact the elected Legislative District Chair.      
                                 We don't want to miss you, numbers you can call!

Brian Clymer, Chair of the Legislative District 26 Democratic Committee
Email: brianclymer @yahoo.com   for more details

Pima County Democratic  Headquarters 520.326.3716
State Democratic Office    602-298-4200

For information on how to become a Democratic Precinct Committeeperson or a member of an affiliated Democratic organization, please call us.
Arizona Democratic Party Headquarters  2910 North Central Avenue  Phoenix, AZ 85012GRASS ROOTS ORGANIZATION GETS THE VOTES INTO THE BALLOT BOX!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Are Food Stamps the next target of GOP efforts to cut programs?

Almost 46 million people in the United States are on food stamps.  That is about 15 percent of the population of the United States to the cost of $68 billion in 2010.  Some rather than say it is welfare for the poor, look at it as a corporation subsidy for low wage giants, so their workers can afford to eat.

Click on banner
Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, in an exclusive interview with the Heritage Foundation, called union collective bargaining a “vicious cycle,… one I think people have realized we can’t afford anymore.”  [Note:  In this interview with the Heritage Foundation, Governor Walker quotes former President Reagan with regards to actions and remarks during his dealings with the air traffic controllers.  Governor Walker claims to have Reagan as a "political role model."]

...where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost.
Ronald Reagan, Labor Day Speech at Liberty State Park, 1980

Collective Bargaining has brought much to the workers of the world, in fact, it is described by the U N Commission on Human Rights, a basic "Human Right".  Collective Bargaining leading to a worker-employer contracts involves more than just wages, working conditions, health and safety, but all manner of relationships between the two parties.  Time and time again the Democratic party has reaffirmed support for Unions and their collective bargaining rights.  Food Stamps and working conditions at Walmart in this article are not about collective bargaining, but the reality of many work places today.

Republican Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich last year called the Democrats as "the party of food stamps".  Republican leaders in the House of Representatives propose changing the program so control of benefits and operations would be through a "block grant" to the states.  Fifty plus different food stamp programs across the country.  A number of states and the District of Columbia had 20 percent of their population on food stamps  this past May.   This same May 2011, Alabama had one-third, 33%, of their people on food stamps.

Food stamps have become a low wage support program.  In past years unemployed food stamp recipients were the highest percentage of beneficiaries.  In 2009 that changed to a higher number receiving benefits who were employed, working low wage or part time jobs. Based on income, minimum wage single parents are almost always eligible for food stamps.  (Welfare Moms)

Walmart the nation's largest employer and a non-union shop with poverty wages can talk about the company's customers increasingly being shoppers on some government assistance for food.  Well, Walmart you don't have to look out your doors to find people on a government program to buy food.  If there is any justification for wage conditions at jobs like those at Walmart we can blame the financial crisis and deep recession in the United States.

Even going a step further, giving credit to these low wage employers,  to many workers it is the employment of last resort or for many a starting point of employment.  Not everyone will graduate from high school and be prepared as a skilled worker and certainly many of these low wage, no benefit, no health insurance jobs come with training and an adjustment to working responsibilities.

Hopefully options other than joining the military for education and training will always be available. Some day perhaps our citizens will get the message of the Republican attacks on education are harming not only our national security but chasing jobs overseas where more countries are increasing educational opportunities for their people.  Almost no one can ignore the advances Brazil, India and China have made with the expansion of their  enhancements in free public education.  Education is just another place where the wrong and misguided policies advanced by the Republicans are destroying jobs in this country.

Republicans don't have to come out and say they want to balance the budget on the backs of the young, the poor and the elderly, but certainly those are the results that we are seeing!  That is what Democrats have been fighting as the GOP corporate masters have been pouring unlimited political funds into fighting any kind of shared tax sacrifice or adjustments to increase revenues collected for the federal government. 
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Monday, August 22, 2011

More on ALEC

{See Blog Post Aug 19,  Voting rights road blocks!}

ALEC has opposition building to resist Right-Wing and Corporate Special Anti-Regulatory "Model Legislation".  The press will extensively cover the protests outside, but the real danger and story is what is taking place inside.  To the News Media:  Don't just take a few pictures and interview a couple protesters outside.  Go inside, if you can, and get the real unAmerican picture of plots to buy a few more legislative assemblies and do what they will with them. 
Link to Facebook page:  AZ RESISTS ALEC

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is planning on meeting in Scottsdale, AZ (just outside Phoenix) for their annual State and National Policy Summit from November 30-December 2 2011. ALEC itself is a tool for hundreds of corporations to use ...for the sole purpose of obtaining access to thousands of legislators and then exploiting that access to pass profit-making legislation. ALEC works like a think tank, devising legislation that benefits the corporate elite at the cost of the masses and then putting that model legislation in the hands of legislators along with gifts and incentives to urge their passing and now more than 200 of ALEC’s model bills have become actual laws throughout the country over the past year. The links between corporate greed, state oppression, and you have never been clearer. This Facebook group is dedicated to the rising resistance against ALEC, their planned summit, and all corporate greed that would serve to perpetuate state oppression in already impoverished communities on already occupied land. Here you will find a lot more information on the link between ALEC, the private prison industry, and recent legislation like Arizona’s own SB-1070; you will find news articles, reports, and websites exposing ALEC; you will find multimedia pieces explaining the growing and explicit connections between corporate power and community oppression; you will find links to other websites and organizations building resistance in Arizona; and lastly, you will find ways to plug in. We’re calling on all people to take a stand. *Come to Phoenix from Novermber 30-December 2 to tell ALEC we will not allow them to further criminalize and oppress our communities in order to fatten the coffers of their corporate members. *Organize an action in your community for November 30th. *Keep checking the website for updates on information, events, and actions. *Spread the word about ALEC and how its members and their greed have affected your home, your family, your life.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Two Unlikely Democrat Ladies Fighting Back

Two progressive Democrats have joined the rank of party leaders.  Where people with their academic and professional backgrounds usually remain in the audience happy enough to remain silent these two ladies are setting records in speaking out with sharp responses to right-wing focus group tested words and phases.  Democratic clubs and  district organizations are lining up for speakers and interesting programs,** these two experienced and dynamic speakers are answering the call joining another successful presenter of Democrat values, Andrea Witte
(www.ConnectTheDotsUSA.com) (The People's Budget)  (Deficits and Debts, Oh My!)

** JO M. HOLT,  PhD, worked as an academic research scientist for 25 years, retiring in 2007 as Research Assistant Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Jo lives in Oro Valley, is DOV’s Outreach Coordinator and an appointed Precinct Committee Person.
**HOLLACE LYON, retired out of the Pentagon as a U.S. Air Force Colonel managing communications budgets and Air Force training and education. She also worked as a Government IT management specialist. Holly lives in SaddleBrooke and chairs the Saddle-Brooke Democratic Club and is an elected Precinct Committee Person

Over the last four decades, the American political scene has been heavily influenced by conservative think tanks that are spread throughout the country.  Billions of dollars have been spent to analyze and frame issues and legislation, and the conservative think tanks dominate the media.  Progressive spokespeople are starting to fight back with facts and figures destroying this heavily financed propaganda machinery.

Hollace Lyon, chair of the SaddleBrooke Democratic Club, and Jo M. Holt, DOV's Outreach Coordinator, presented their program "Return to Morality: Framing Progressive Values", about how Democrats can take back the political conversation, based largely on the work of George Lakoff, professor of Cognitive Linguistics at UC Berkeley.

In the August DOV meeting they presented some ideas about how Democrats can take back the political conversation using Professor Lakoff's main argument that, in the face of this torrent of conservative spin, Democrats must re-frame the issue based on liberal values.  Very importantly he supports using MORAL values to take back the American middle ground of the political argument.  Liberal values are traditional American values and Democrats should promote them and be proud of them!

EXAMPLE:   Framing with Democratic Values
{It is important that you see what the spin doctors can do.}

Conservative Frame:  The free market drives the economy.

Step 1.  Indentify the conservative agenda.
To increase wealth for the already wealthy by making a moral argument:  The wealth are wealthy because they are superior.
Step 2.  Make a moral liberal argument.
Our economy is driven by consumers and small business working together, with the protection  and support we need from our government.
Step 3.  Get specific about the issue.
Our economy is built on an enormous foundation of infrastructure, cooperation, and American work ethic.  Without these contributions from people, there is no "free market."
Step 4.  Call out the conservative agenda.
Republicans are using "free market" as an excuse for giving tax cuts to the wealthy.  This is a ruse used to justify cuts to environmental protection and to the real driver of our economy, the middle class.

When discussing taxes, never use the term "tax relief",  when what you really mean is "tax dodger", "tax avoidance",  "tax favors" or "tax shift".

Democrats of Oro Valley has not only social functions but includes educational and informational sessions.  To learn more about the work and activities check out www.demsov.org.

Press Release, August 20, 2011, Flagstaff, Arizona
State Democratic Chairman, Andrei Cherny announced at the State Democratic Party meeting held in Flagstaff the appointment of DOV Executive Board Member Harvey Akeson as his Liaison for Congressional District 8 in Southern Arizona.  Akeson will work with the Democrat organizations in the District for the State Chairman as a coordinator of direct communications between Cherny and CD 8 Democrats. 

The Democrats of Oro Valley to present "Is the Rosemont Mine worth it?" The featured speaker will be Gayle Hartmann, archaeologist and archaeological editor at the Arizona State Museum, University of Arizona
She served on the Pima County Planning and Zoning Commission and was a member of the Steering Committee of the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan. She has been a resident of Tucson for 43 years
The Democrats of Oro Valley Monthly Meeting Monday, September 12 , 2011
The event is scheduled at the Oro Valley Library in the large meeting room. The library is located at the corner of La Canada and Naranja Drive. The meeting is open to the public at no cost and begins at 7:00 PM. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ronald Reagan was fired!

Everywhere we turn the Republican cry is, "Government is Bad".
 {The GOP extremist war on America and the money pumped propaganda machine actually have some believing it.}

Not one of our elected Republican officials will stand up and tell them, that the Government I am elected to serve is yours.  
Indeed, as described in our Constitution, government exists to promote the general welfare of the country, serve our people, and ensure the freedom we have fought to enjoy since the founding of our United States of America. It is ours -- yours and mine. Government furnishes strength, fairness, opportunity, and protection. It is a shield in a dangerous world, it provides protection here at home, and it enforces rules to guide us in going about the communities in which we live.

Several years ago former President Ronald Reagan was a Hollywood movie star who turned from making "B" grade movies to become a regular host on a program sponsored by General Electric. But in 1962 GE fired Ronald Reagan, and this action set him on a course to be elected President of our country.

'The Gipper" got in trouble because he made statements calling the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) an example of "big government," and he criticized the operation as a wasteful and costly government program without merit. Ronald Reagan was correct in calling the Tennessee Valley Authority a large government program, as the TVA was established in 1933 under the New Deal of the Roosevelt Democrat Administration. Without merit it was NOT.

Name a private business that could conceivably have accomplished what the TVA did. The TVA provided for navigation, flood control, electricity generation, transmission lines, fertilizer manufacturing, and economic development for a poor but potentially rich region of the United States. This extensive program benefitted citizens of Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, small portions of Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia -- and by extension, a whole nation.

The government created jobs with the building of dams that generated hydroelectric power providing electric power transmission lines, economic stimulus and help for farmers in getting their worn-out land back into the production of agricultural commodities. The revival of agriculture brought profits back into an impoverished area, a much-needed miracle in itself.

Low cost electricity with the power-producing facilities drew industries to the region producing desperately needed jobs, payrolls, and hope during the great depression. All of this was accomplished through resources of the federal government; none too soon, for the great World War II was looming. As it turned out, America soon needed aluminum to build planes and other instruments of war.

The electricity from this huge Democrat-sponsored government project provided Alcoa (a private company) the huge amounts of electricity needed for aluminum enrichment. This new production provided the needed aluminum so our government could protect us and ensure our freedom.

Getting back to Reagan, however... How did all of this play into RR's election to the Presidentcy of the United States?

In 1962, when the feisty Reagan criticized TVA as a wasteful government enterprise, General Electric fired him from being their spokesman because TVA just happened to be a big customer of expensive GE-made turbines for electric power generation.  
Ouch, you bit the hand that fed the hand that fed you!

The same political spotlight that would shine on President Barack Obama as he addressed the Democrat National Convention in 2004, shone on Ronald Reagan in 1964 when he addressed the Republican National Convention that nominated Barry Goldwater. Reagan was a smashing hit with his attack against "big government," and entranced conservative Republicans made him their new political hero.

Two years later, in 1966, Ronald Reagan, former the movie star and TV host spokesman, was elected Governor of California. Barry Goldwater lost the election in 1964, but a different kind of star was born. The Republican party threw their support behind their new hero, Reagan, and in 1980 he was elected President of the United States.

Ever since, the Republicans have bashed their own government on behalf of big corporations. Their motive -- the elimination of protections offered by regulations and watchdogs of the federal government shatters the constitutionally provided safety of the American people. Government oversight would be lost if the Republican Party had their way.

Corporate profits and greed lie behind every "Hate-Government" spokesperson.
It's decidedly NOT government that is bad; it's what the "hate government "people have shown they can DO with our government that's dangerous. The voices incessantly accusing our government of killing jobs, wasting revenue, making citizens dependent, coddling illegals, taking away our freedoms, etc. rise from
one source, the Tea Party Movement. unfortuIncreasingly, they control the Republican Party. We have witnessed how their extremist leaders when elected to our government prove how badly they would govern if we make the mistake of letting them get elected.

Bulletin...    3 die of rare brain infection from amoeba in water

ATLANTA (AP) — Two children and a young man have died this summer from a brain-eating amoeba that lives in water, health officials say.
The illness is extremely rare.    U.S. cases — almost all of them deaths — have been reported since the amoeba was identified in the early 1960s, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (more government)

There goes that "Government" again:
ABC News

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved the second late-stage melanoma drug this year, adding the drug to the treatment arsenal for patients with one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer.
The drug, known as Zelboraf, could offer hope for patients with metastatic melanoma that cannot be removed with surgery, experts said.   Zelboraf, which was reviewed under the FDA's priority review program, received advanced approval after a single international study published in June 2011 showed that patients who took drug lived longer.

FDA  ( U.S. Food and Drug Administration ) NEWS RELEASE    For Immediate Release: Aug. 17, 2011FDA approves Zelboraf and companion diagnostic test for late-stage skin cancer Second melanoma drug approved this year that improves overall survival

America's Extremists Control the GOP

The extremists in the Republican party have completely taken over the agenda of the Republican political movement and replacing common-sense with nonsense and anti-President Obama rhetoric.

To this extreme group of people organized as the Tea Party will destroy every bit of progressive life protections and enhanced living conditions leaving every person for themselves, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, forget that you have no boots world.

Across the country with the financial aid of rich corporate conglomerates who have through tax loopholes, special tax favors and just plain tax dodges accumulated wealth at the expense and on the backs of less fortunate hard-working, taxpaying, middle-class Americans gained governmental power to put in effect radical laws that are now destroying an American way of life.

In the name of jobs, yelling government and taxes are the problem they have succeeded in slowing economy activity, halted our capacity to expand more employment by putting our government on the tab. By destroying our flow of tax revenue with tax cuts, starting unfunded military foreign ventures, making drug companies rich with needed unpaid for senior drug benefits and giving the rich needless escapes from citizen responsibility.

No where have the Republican dominated US House of Representatives asked for one ounce of fair and shared effort for their super rich patrons.
In order to perpetuate their mismanagement of governmental affairs they have placed roadblocks and limitations on even the basic rights of Americans to vote. Discourage, confuse, and frustrate voters until they give up and leave voting to a few influenced by wedge issue politics.

Republican politicans have squeezed our confidence, promoted a tumbling faith in our own country to gain election advantages for total control of our way of life and make a few even richer at the expense of the America we inherited. What kind of America are we passing on to our children? Greed, has provide a luxury existance to a few, with less and less for the rest.

Stop and think, what does "tax relief" really mean?
Less taxes for some, no jobs for many and more money in the pockets of a few.

What does "less government regulation" mean?
Dirty water, foul air, rotten food, bad drugs, no consumer protection all in the name of more money for a few corporate giants.