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````````There is NO doubt, the Republicans in control of the Legislature, and all of state government in Arizona have funded Corporate Tax Dodges, Tax Cuts and special Corporation legislative favors on the backs of school children and with extreme reductions in funding for Public Education. The children of Arizona are expected to do with less educational opportunities so the elected GOP officals can pay back their wealthy campaign donors. ```````````````````````

Andrei Cherny, Arizona Democratic Party Chairman “Arizona Republicans hold all the power, and they’ve used it for all the wrong things. The result is that jobs are nowhere to be found, schools are forgotten, and our communities are silenced. We won’t stand for it, and we will hold them accountable in 2012 so Arizona can get back on the right track.”

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ax the Flat Tax-7p-November 3

Axe the Flat Tax Forum with Sen. Paula Aboud

Learn how the proposed flat tax will affect you. "It makes no sense. It just shifts the burden from high income earners to low and middle income earners," says Sen. Aboud. "It brings in no new money."
Thursday, November 3rd, 7:00 PM
 St. Mark's United Methodist Church on the southwest corner of La Canada and Magee.

From the Obama Campaign 10/25/2011
Today, we're launching an important ad in Arizona, attacking Mitt Romney's plan for struggling homeowners -- which is to let the housing market "hit the bottom" and allow investors to swoop in to make a profit buying and selling foreclosed homes.

In essence, Mitt Romney is telling the Arizona families hit hardest by this crisis, "You are on your own."

This ad campaign is a direct challenge to the false premise that Arizona will always support the failed policies of Republicans. We need to organize now to make sure these Republicans are held accountable for positions like this.

Watch our latest ad -- and sign up today to volunteer for OFA in the weeks and months to come, click here.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I would never have believed

{Absolutely personal opinion-maybe a dream!}

Tucson's Number One Republican contributor and front man for Mitt Romney in Arizona has finally been kicked where it has to hurt.

Catch this, those Southern Christian solid Republican voters don't like Romney's religion.  Add more to the fire, now leading the pack of Republican candidates for President, a former pizza peddler and a black man who is wowing the Republican rank and file with a national 9% sales tax.

The party that came up with the "Southern Strategy", kissed up to KKK folks like David Duke, cheer leads for anti union Republican governors and vote suppressing GOP state legislatures is dumping one of their own kind, the "confederate governor" of Texas,  (we can break away from the United States and form our own country) for a true non political type who once tried to become an United States Senator and lost, but is now moving up the ladder to the highest political office in the country.  (He's not a politician because he lost the election, just being a candidate for political office doesn't count.)

How does this play locally?  Tucson's Mr. Republican, part time TV personality and car salesman, how are you going to like a 18% plus sales tax on a automobile that sells for thirty thousand dollars?

The number one Republican for President in "the polls" MR. CAIN is a business wonder, just ask him.   The man who wants to lower the income tax for the rich to 9% and will make it fair by charging the same 9% rate for the poor pizza delivery person living on tips and below minimum wage.

Street demonstrations and peace marches may have run one United States President out of office, mark it down with almost nothing seeming to be going right, another U.S. President is about to receive the biggest election lift of all time, the Occupy Wall Street patriots!

 “Occupy” protests across the country, the veterans of the civil rights movement, anti-Vietnam war protests and anti-nuclear proliferation demonstrations appear to be relishing being back in the struggle, supporting the “kids” and mobilizing other seniors to join in.  All across the country the streets are filling with a movement of discontent, but this time not aimed at the White House but in step and in concert with President Obama.

We can take to the streets in support, but just as important on the way make sure our family, friends and neighbors are registered to vote!  It will be cool to watch the money being thrown into the election and the people win anyway!  Harvey Akeson

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Liar-Liar Pants on Fire

Recycled Spin at New Hampshire GOP Debate
or Circle of False Statements

October 11, 2011

FACTS REVEALED  click here
(only for those who care)

Republican presidential candidates repeated several claims they've made before. The candidates participated in a roundtable-style discussion at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, where they reiterated false and misleading lines about the federal health care law, the debt ceiling debate, job creation and more.